Keith Jorgensen started taking pictures more than 50 years ago with a small plastic camera that he had won in a drawing contest on a New York City radio station. He graduated to a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera and continued shooting pictures in black and white. He was a member of the camera club in Bogota high school where he learned to develop film and make prints. With those skills he served as interim photographer for the US Army's 806 th Engineer Battalion.  During his time in the army he purchased a used 35 mm Kodak and taught himself the technical skills required to shoot color slides.

He was a member of The Norwood Camera Club in Norwood, Massachusetts for many years and served as the club's president a number of terms.  His photos have won numerous awards and he was twice the winner of the Fiske Award for excellence in club competitions.

On the following pages are a handful of the thousands of photos that Keith has taken over the years. They cover topics such as creatures great and small, scenic beauty and manmade wonders. They have been taken in places as close as his backyard to many states in the US, in Canada, many countries in Europe, in Iran and Thailand.  Click here to enter the photo gallery.

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